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How are the white water rivers rated for difficulty? – White water rating overview

When you are looking at selecting a white water rafting trip for your family and friends one of the main things you think about is how difficult or how easy are the rapids going to be. Well, here at PRO rafting we thought we would help you out a bit and make your selection of rafting trips in Costa Rica a little bit easier with an easy to follow, explanation of the different classes of river rapids. This is a rundown of the white water rating in our own words.

There are six categories, each referred to as “Grade” or “Class” followed by a number. Each river can be given a broad scale of classes as obviously the different rapids within it could be different and this can also change over the different seasons as the flow of the river changes.  So, when looking at the rivers, check if it changes during the year to get a good idea of what will suit your trip the best and what the white water rating is.

White Water Ratings

Class 1 -Easy

Fast moving water with small ripples and waves. Very few obstructions are present and if so, are obvious and easily missed.

Class 2 – Novice

Easy rapids, waves up to one metre. Nice wide channels. Rocks and the medium size waves are easily avoidable.

Class 3 -Intermediate

overnight Savegre Rafting tripWaves up to a metre and a half. Plenty of excitement with water coming up over the sides of the raft. Obstructions in the river and technical areas that can be maneuvered with some practice.

Class 4 – Advanced

Long turbulent rapids that may require precise maneuvering (no worries with our guides!) Rapids may be powerful and intense but predictable. Chances of getting wet, pretty high!

Class 5 – Expert

A good fun adrenaline rush, large waves, complex gushing waves, twisting and spinning rapids Can be very long.

Class 6 – Extreme

Also known as un-runnable – the type of rapid you see in those crazy Gopro videos and say “no way”. I don’t think there’s much more to say really apart from this photo to some it up.
white water rating rapid class 6

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